How To Find The Right Virtual Assistant -

You’re rocking the entrepreneur life, getting consistent results, and juggling everything that life can throw at you…sort of!

While you might be getting by, let’s be honest, no one becomes an entrepreneur to just ‘get by’!

You didn’t start your business to spend all day buried in emails, posting on social media, and playing the DIY game with your website.

You want to?grow the thriving business you’ve been dreaming of, still have time to spend with the people you love, and start living that life you’ve been craving!

While most people can be hesitant to add another expense to their bottom line when they’ve got their eye on growth, hiring the right?virtual assistant (or VA) is one of the best investments you can make for your biz, hands down!

What Can The Right VA Do For You?

Notice I keep saying the RIGHT VA…there’s a reason for that!

Not everyone will have the same time-eating busy work that others have. Some may be looking to hand off site design, while others are looking for social media support. Others may?need help managing their email marketing strategy, or replying to customer service issues.

The RIGHT VA will take the work that supports your business off your to-do list, so you can focus on taking your business to the next level!

Imagine, being able to just jump right into your day knowing that the only thing you need to do is?focus on what you love in your business, and enjoy the comfort of knowing that everything else is being taken care of behind the scenes. Sounds dreamy, right?!

How To Find The Right Virtual Assistant

Discovering the?RIGHT VA for you

Finding the right VA for your needs doesn’t start with a search, it starts with you.

Sit down write?out?every single thing you have to do in your business on a regular basis. The good, the bad, and the ugly – all of it!

Next, mark each item as something that grows your business, and absolutely 10000% needs to be done by you (e.g. you probably wouldn’t want someone else hosting a webinar for you!), or something?that could be done by someone else (e.g. social media posting, website customization, blog content creation, etc.).
I recommend doing this by highlighting each task?that is a ‘must-do’ by you, and you alone.

Once you’ve filtered out the ‘non-outsource-ables’, start rating the tasks that are left from 1-3 based on how much you enjoy doing them.

1- I love this part of my business!

2- I don’t mind doing this, but my time could be better spent elsewhere.

3- I hate having to handle this part of my business, and wish it would go away!

The tasks you rated 3 are clear cut ‘must-haves’ on your VA services hunt, get them off your mind and focus that energy on growth!

The tasks you rated 2 will ideally be outsourced to your VA, but could potentially continue to be done by you until you find the right person.

The tasks you rated 1 are completely your call! If you love doing it, then the only harm in continuing is if it’s not inline with your business goals.
By this I mean, as much as you love to design?opt-in PDFs for your audience, is the actual design of the PDF moving your business forward? Or do you think your time would be better spent promoting it?

Just saying!

Finding The Right VA

Once you know what kinds of skills/services you need to support you, you can start searching!

Some of the best ways to find quality VA services involve work of mouth, so don’t hesitate to ask around about who people are using, and what they use them for!

Another great way is to explore some of your favorite business Facebook groups, and use the search option to look for keywords like “virtual assistant” or “VA“, and see if any names come up that you could look into a little further!

Don’t forget to check out VA candidates’ websites, portfolios, and testimonials from previous/current clients to get an idea of the quality of their work, as well as what the experience was like for the business owner they were supporting.

Lastly, as much as it can be tough to tackle sometimes, don’t be afraid to fire someone who’s not working out!

This is your business, and if you’ve given them a fair chance to step up to the challenge and they’re just not measuring up, move on and start your search again.

Looking for a VA? Check out my Rates + Services, as well as my Portfolio to see if we’d be a good fit!

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