Ready to start making $5k-$10k (or more!) every single month, working from home as a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager?

While it can seem like a pipe dream to many, this is real life for TONS of amazing women
around the world.

With the right tools and guidance from someone who’s walked the walk, you can ditch the financial worrying, 9-5 work schedule, missed family events, and straight up exhaustion, and join us as a successful online entrepreneur!

Jules will give you the tools to figure out your own path and the steps to get you there. I honestly don’t know where I’d be in life and in business if she hadn’t come into my world. After working with her I am forever changed. The take-aways of working with her are priceless. She’s the real deal and a complete powerhouse that gets shit done!

Lacey Cahill

VA + Systems Strategist

is a one-of-a-kind course that will not only provide you with the guidance to get your VA business started, but will hold your hand through all 3 phases of online business growth:

Start, Serve, and Scale


VA 360 was created (and is updated monthly with new goodies!) by Jules Murray,?who’s been where you are, and built a six-figure VA business in just a few months (from scratch)!?

Packed with 100+ bite-sized videos, tutorials, and workbooks to help you along the way, VA 360 is the complete package for Virtual Assistants.

Whether you’re just getting started, or are looking to take things to the next level, we’ve got you covered!

  • 100+ bite-sized videos and tutorials so you can navigate the tech, and real life issues, of building an online business (even with a busy schedule!).
  • Monthly Q&A coaching call LIVE with Jules Murray
  • Easy access chat feature and Facebook group to ask questions as they come up, and meet other people on the same journey!
  • Monthly updates to course materials, so it’s continually growing with you!
  • Lifetime access to all the materials so you can review them again and again!


Join VA 360 today and get INSTANT, LIFETIME ACCESS to 100+ video tutorials, workbooks, and new content added monthly!

I’m Jules…hi!

As a military wife, mama to a spirited (aka crazy pants!) little girl, and boss lady of a thriving six-figure online business myself, I understand how busy life can get!

Fitting WITH your busy schedule is the basis of VA 360.

Every video, tutorial, workbook, etc. can be consumed in 10 minutes or less, which means you’re going to be moving forward in building and growing your Virtual Assistant business at light speed compared to the people who think they can Google their way to success!

Not only that, but our super fancy live chat feature allows you to reach out with questions in the moment, so you don’t need to wait for a group call, or even leave the page you’re on!

VA 360 is a collection of everything I WISH I had when I started my VA business – and every step along the way.

Not only is it already packed full of goodness, but it will continue to grow as we add new lessons and tech tutorials every month, which means since you have lifetime access, you get all the new content every month…for-ev-ah!

If you’re ready to take charge of building and growing your Virtual Assistant business, I’m here to show you how I built my six-figure business from scratch, and help you navigate around the mistakes I made along the way.

This course i everything I was missing when I started!?If I had VA360 it would have saved me so many mistakes, missed opportunities and wasted money.
The fact that there’s REAL LIFE advice in here beyond the tech and systems and “how to #allthethings” is amazing, and the ongoing access to all new material as it’s added – the only thing I don’t like about this course is that you didn’t make it sooner!

Eva Kalvig

Project Manager

Terms: This is a one time purchase with lifetime access to current and future materials.? I am in no way guaranteeing that your results with be the same as mine, but am sharing what has proven to work in my business, and am here to support you as needed. Due to the digital nature of this product there is a no refunds policy, but we’re always happy to help!